Average cost of a data breach in millions

Percentage of UK businesses breached

avg. percent of drop in shares after breach

U.S. government cyber security budget in billions

Real Hackers

Our team is made up of experienced ethical hackers that will test the security of your system(s) using the same techniques used by black-hat hackers.

Manual Testing

Our team of ethical hackers will manually test the security of your system. Manual testing is much more accurate than programs as the latter can miss weaknesses or give false positives.

Best of Both Worlds

On top of manual testing our team uses state-of-the art penetration testing software to scan your system for weaknesses and verify results.

Complete Coverage

If requested we can cover all your assets be they APIs, Cloud based infrastructure, Web or mobile applications.

Clear Reports

You’ll receive two reports; a non-technical one to give you an overview of the threats and weaknesses discovered and a detailed technical report for you I.T team.


Our hackers are happy to advise on mitigating the discovered weaknesses and even manually apply patches and fixes if requested.

Please provide as much information as possible.