We have been saying it for years now! At zSecurity our goal is to help make the Internet safer. So far, we’ve raised awareness and educated hundreds of thousands in cyber security and ethical hacking! ZSVPN took us one step closer to help users protect their privacy.

What about companies though? we do provide pentesting, consulting and code review services but we can’t reach mass numbers like this. This lead to the creation of, a bug-bounty platform to help companies easily list and manage bug bounty programs.

What is a bug bounty program you ask? Companies like Google and Facebook use bug bounty programs to ensure their systems are secure. In a bug bounty program companies offer compensation to individuals that report bugs in their system. Its a win-win for the hackers and the companies, companies make sure their systems are secure, and hackers get to earn rewards and practice what they love legally. aims to help everybody launch bug bounty programs just like Google and Facebook. With our huge community we aim to help both hackers and companies; companies will get their systems tested by highly skilled ethical hackers from our community, and hackers will get to practice what they learn in our courses legally and earn rewards in doing so.

We are aware there are already a number of other bug bounty platforms around, but with our huge reach and low prices to companies we think we can offer an unbeatable package!

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